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We preserve and control the quality of raw materials from the beginning.

The company’s concern with the quality of the doors manufactured begins even before the raw material is brought into the plant. Constantly controlling the origin of the wood used, Rosina Portas guarantees a high-quality product, in accordance with the requirements of the most diverse of markets.

All this control and concern with the product result in highly resistant and durable doors.

Custom-made products for each market needs.

Rosina Portas has a flexible and dynamic structure capable of customizing each product to each market’s needs and requirements. Regardless of the style, the doors are produced and delivered all with the same characteristics:


Rosina doors are manufactured with precision, quality and in a variety to satisfy each market needs. Beautiful, durable and ready for the finishing process, they are produced with reforested pine trees, strictly observing the world’s environmental preservation rules.

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