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About Us


Located in the heart of the biggest reforestation center of Pinus do Brasil, Rosina Portas was founded in 1989 in the city of Rio dos Cedros in Santa Catarina – Brazil.

Since then it has been dedicated to the production of doors and their components. Already in 1992 the company redirected its production structure to work 100% of its products for export.

The knowledge acquired in these more than 28 years of experience, has allowed the company to consolidate itself in the international scenario as one of the highlights in the production of doors, flat jambs, casings and moldings of Pinus.

With constant investments in the training of its employees and state-of-the-art equipment and technology, from renowned machines of German and Italian origin, Rosina has created a unique quality standard that targets markets with a high level of quality and precision.

Currently, Rosina Portas has a factory park of more than 120,000 sqf and a reforestation area of ​​1000 hectares, which guarantees the preservation of the environment and sustainable reforestation management.

The company is logistically very well located, since besides being in a region that benefits the cultivation and growth of Pinus, it is close to three of the main ports of Brazil, allowing agility and availability of weekly shipments.

Rosina Portas’ mission is to produce high quality products to the international market, without harming the environment, thus valuing the ethics in its business and satisfying not only its customers, but also the community in which it is inserted.

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